Comic Books

We’ve all seen the movies but have you read the books from which they were spawned?  Do you want to know more?  Here you will find a collection of resources that can get you started…or overtake your life depending on how much you like them.


marvel_logoDid you watch Guardians of the Galaxy?  And love it?  How about Captain America?  Or, The Avengers?  All of these were the work of one of the biggest names in comics…Marvel.  What better place to start learning more about Marvel and its range of characters than its very own website, Marvel Comics.




dc_logoHas there ever been a greater time to be a comic book fan?  We think not.  Not only do you have Marvel Comics dominating the box office with their movies but you have DC Comics dominating network television with a variety of spectacular shows.  No really, go watch some…shows like Arrow, The Flash, SuperGirl and Gotham.  Do you want to know more about one of the oldest companies in the comic book world?  Then head on over to the DC Comics website.


imageThe scrappy young upstart comic book company established in the 1990’s is known as Image Comics.  A group of artists, tired of the big name comic companies profiting from their work unfairly, decided to create a new company.  Image Comics was a deviation from the norm where the artists maintained all rights to their creations.  This fostered such an environment as to spawn (pun intended) some of biggest names in independent comics.  What independent comics you ask?  How about The Walking Dead?  Only one of the biggest shows on television and it is an Image Comics book.  There are others.  Books such as Spawn, Savage Dragon and Saga.  If you have never heard of them then head on over to the Image Comics website and check them out.  Better yet, find your friendly local comic book store and go buy a copy of a title that interests you.  You never know, you may be hooked for life.


Some of the less known, at least to those not normally interested in comics, comic book publishers can be found here.  These companies are no less important than the giants of the industry, they just have more niche type markets.

idw_logo_7230Some of the most well known titles from the 1980’s are published by IDW Publishing.  These titles include, but are not limited to, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



darkhorselogo_2.jpegDid you watch the movie Sin City?  Pretty epic wasn’t it?  You have to look no further than Dark Horse Comics to get another fix.  Dark Horse Comics are responsible for publishing great titles like Sin City, Alien and Predator.





dynamiteKnown mostly for its comic book adaptation of movies.  Dynamite Entertainment is a mainstay in the comic book industry.  If you like movies like RoboCop, Terminator, Army of Darkness or even Tarzan then you have to look no further than this publishing company.  Check it out!





The following list of resources are some of the best that the RDB Team uses to stay up to date.  We hope you find them as awesome as we do.

Comic Book Resources – A great site for comic related news and reviews.

Comic Vine – Another great site for news and reviews.  This site also has one of the best comic book wiki’s around.

GPAnalysis – If you are interested in the investment side of comics then this site is for you.  It is useful in tracking the sale of key comic book issues.

Comic Link – Great site to buy, sell or just browse comic books and original comic book art.