About Us

Random Dice Bag is an entertainment group here to amuse anyone interested in all things nerd.

But how did it all start?  Childhood and school friends for starters.  Maybe some brotherly love mixed in for good measure.  And the common bond shared by all?  We do some nerdy shit.  Always have.  Sometimes on our own but mostly our interests have been shared among one another…Warhammer & Warhammer 40k, CCG’s, RPG’s, Comic Books, Video Games, Anime, Warmachine & Hordes, Board Games.  We have almost done it all and loved it.  We like Star Wars, Star Trek, the awesome world of science and learning for the sake of learning.  Most of all though, we share a desire to be pretty awesome people.

That’s us.  How did we get to this point though?  Well, it started at our weekly Role Playing Game, Pathfinder in this case.  Before the game would actually start we always spent time just talking about a variety of topics.  With no rhyme or reason…just whatever topic came up.  Boy was it fun.  We decided then that we would take the fun we had discussing those random topics and share it with the world.  We have fun making The Random Dice Bag Podcast and we hope that you have fun listening to it.