The Mighty Thor

Issues 1-3

thor1Written By:  Jason Aaron               Cover Price:  $3.99

Cover By:  Russell Dauterman     Original Publication:  11/18/2015

Art By:  Russel Dauterman            Issue#:  1-3

Publisher:  Marvel







Here are my thoughts on the new The Mighty Thor comics with “Spoiler Alert” …….Jane Foster wielding the mighty Mjolnir.  Thus far I have truly enjoyed them. One, it’s great to see a woman wield the mighty power of Thor and know that it is truly given to all who are worthy.  Second, it is nice to see someone use the power that has a completely different outlook on life.  Thor, a.k.a. Odinson as he is now referred to in the comic, is still an immortal and grew up never really being vulnerable or “weak”.  Though I don’t really feel that is the right word, but I digress.  Whereas Jane Foster grew up with a very normal life, until Odinson entered her life.  She then became the victim, and tool, of many of his enemies.  Also, if you didn’t know, Jane Foster is dying from cancer.  Now, every time she wields Mjolnir and becomes The Mighty Thor, it completely rids her body of the lifesaving Chemotherapy chemicals that the hammer views as a poison.  So while she is given the strength and vitality of Thor when wielding the hammer it doesn’t cure her of her cancer.  I can only assume that it just delays the effects.  So, that is an ongoing plot in the background of the comics right now. I can only assume that she will eventually have to give up the hammer in order to tackle her cancer or possibly never put it down.

Now the main plot is this, Odin has put his vile brother in charge of hunting down and killing the false Thor.  In so doing he has now split Asgard in two, having some go to the side of the “False” Thor (including Odinson [OG Thor]) and the other half standing with Odin the All Father.  While this is happening in Asgard, Malekith has made an alliance with The Enchantress, Laufey and the frost giants, Roxxon and none other than the bad boy of Asgard, Loki.  With this team of villains he is now trying to destroy Alfheim and all the light elves.  This is where Thor is now.  Trying to stop the final attack from happening.

So, I will say that I am hooked on the new The Mighty Thor.  She is a bad ass and I love that she is constantly underestimated because she is a lady.  Though they have showed several times she has more control and skill with Mjolnir than Odinson ever had.  I can’t wait for the next copy. Read it if you haven’t, it is a great comic and I think a positive step towards women’s equality in comics.

-Zach (The next wielder of Mjolnir)-