Captain America: White

Issues 1-5

capwhite1Written By:  Jeph Loeb        Cover Price: $3.99

Cover By:  Tim Sale               Original Publication: 9/16/2015

Art By:  Tim Sale                    Issue#: 1-5

Publisher:  Marvel







This series was a long time in the making, having been announced originally in 2008.  Marvel finally delivered the much anticipated title in September of 2015.  Was it worth the wait?  Well that depends on how much you care about Cap and how high your expectations might have been.

This series revolves around Captain America, having been recently defrosted, mourning the loss of his friend and partner, Bucky.  From the opening pages to the last of the series, the reader can feel the loss of Bucky almost as keenly as Steve Rogers does.  There are times, however, that you have to wonder if Steve is lamenting a bygone age almost as much as he is the loss of his partner.  Throughout the series Jeph Loeb imparts a sense of longing for friends long past and for simpler times.  This is made clearer through the use of WWII as the flashback setting for the story.  It could have been very easy to focus more on the war in the flashback but Loeb and Sale appeared to shy away from this and turned a potentially dark story into one that was more light hearted considering its content.

After reading even the first issue it does not take long to realize the similarities between this series and the others in the Marvel Colors series (Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow and Hulk: Gray).  This is, of course, because of the stylistic pair of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale and the fact that the story focuses on a mourning main character.  It was also pleasing to see that Tim Sale varied his style some to include some elements of the great Jack Kirby.  This was a superb homage to the Silver Age Captain America.

Overall, this was a good series that is well worth the read.  It is especially pleasing for any of the Captain America fans that are out there.  Check it out!



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  1. Sounds a lot like The First Avenger. I’m pretty intrigued given how much i liked that movie. I hadn’t heard about this color series.

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