Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2

bmtmntcv2150varjpg-c73866_765wWritten By:  James T. Tynion IV                     Cover Price:  $3.99

Cover By:  Freddie E. Williams II                    Release Date:  1/13/2016

Art By:  Freddie E. Williams II                         Issue #:  2

Variant Cover By:  Kevin Eastman

Publisher:  DC Comics/IDW Publishing





Here we have the second installment in this six part series.  The climactic ending of issue one, a showdown between bat and turtle, had us all waiting for this issue.  It certainly did not disappoint.  The initial pages of a Batman and Ninja Turtle conflict were drawn in the same smooth and expertly shaded style that was so evident in the first issue.  Humor, smooth fight sequences and trademark bat gadgets were on full display from the first panel.  Unfortunately, the same style of art that fits so well in depicting the turtles had its flaws exposed to a degree in this issue.  There were times where Freddie Williams’ art made his depiction of the human form seem disproportionate.   A head not quite seeming to fit the sculpted and overly large physique of its bearer, or abnormally large thighs, really stuck out visually.  This was not a flaw that persisted throughout the comic but when it was apparent…It was apparent!

James Tynion’s understanding of his characters was on full display this issue.  The turtles’ dialogue was expertly crafted to give the reader what we have come to expect from the wise cracking quartet.  The only gap in the story was any sort of background on the pair up of the Penguin and Shredder (birds of a feather?).  You almost get the impression that Tynion is trying to work as many Batman villains into the story as possible.

This comic contained all the elements that we have come to know and love about our favorite green skinned heroes.  And everything we would expect from the Dark Knight.  From realizing that Splinter is still the bad ass of the family to Batman’s gadgets, reasoning and crime fighting skills, this comic was a blast.  And hey, if you love cheesy references as much as I do then this second installment in the series is definitely for you.  Check it out!