Podcast News

The Random Dice Bag Podcast has been available from the start on Apple iTunes.  This, unfortunately, was the only venue that was available at the time.  The members of RDB are pleased to announce that the podcast was accepted by Google Play as well.  The podcast will not be available until Google Play launches the podcast section of Google Play Music sometime in 2016.  The RDB team will let all of you know when this happens.  If you are not an Apple user and cannot stream the podcast from our website, please don’t despair.  We have some recommendations for all of Android users that allows you to listen to the RDB Podcast while you’re on the go.  One way of managing your podcasts in a cross platform application is Pocketcasts.  Another way you Android users can enjoy the Random Dice Bag Podcast is via Overcast.  We all hope you are enjoying the podcast so far.

-RDB Team